Assistant Attorney General - Regional Services Division, Yakima

WA State Attorney General's Office, WA

The Washington State Attorney General's Office is looking for an attorney to serve in its Regional Services Division in Yakima, WA. This attorney will work in a high-volume litigation practice entailing frequent state court docket and trial appearances. All attorneys in this division may be assigned to a wide variety of clients according to the needs of the client agencies and the office, as well as the skills, experiences, and professional development needs of attorneys.

It is anticipated that the attorney in this position will carry a mixed caseload. This will include representation of DCYF in child welfare cases to protect abused and neglected children in dependency, guardianship, and termination of parental rights cases. The subject matter can be difficult, but the work is remarkably rewarding. These cases directly influence the lives of children in our state, in a very meaningful way. The position will also likely include representation of DCYF in childcare, foster care, and group care licensing cases. These cases involve advising the client regarding regulatory enforcement matters, representing the agency in contested matters before the Office of Administrative Hearings, and related Superior Court judicial review proceedings under the Washington Administrative Procedures Act. The position will involve regular regional travel within Washington State.

For representation of the Department of Children Youth and Families, the assigned AAG can expect to:

Evaluate evidence to determine legal sufficiency to support court intervention;
Apply the Indian Child Welfare Act and the Washington Indian
Child Welfare Act to the juvenile cases;
Review relevant petitions and other documents;
Consult with social workers and other agency employees;
Submit and respond to discovery;
Prepare witnesses and evidence for hearing or trial;
Review reports submitted to the court;
Perform research and analysis;
Submit relevant briefing to the court;
Communicate frequently with other attorneys and guardians ad litem to resolve issues related to underlying cases;
Consider settlement options; and
Take all other actions related to these matters.

In addition to meeting the qualifications to serve as an Assistant Attorney General, specific qualifications for this position include the ability to quickly adapt to a practice that involves assignment of 80 or more cases at a time, and the ability to shift from one type of work to another during a given week or day.

The ability to communicate with a variety of client agency representatives efficiently and effectively, as well as with attorney and non-attorney colleagues within the office, is critical to success in the position. The position offers an opportunity to quickly develop significant opportunities to exercise independent judgment within the context of a large law office striving to provide consistent representation to client agencies in locations throughout the state.

Demonstrated ability to independently manage time, to identify and prioritize tasks necessary to complete, and to maintain a well-organized practice under significant case load demands are essential.

All applicants must submit their materials via the state’s centralized recruitment system (, filter by department (Attorney General’s Office) and select “Assistant Attorney General - Regional Services Division, Yakima.”
71,652 - 134,208

Type of Job
Full Time

Closing Date
(open until filled)