Fire Chief

City of Ocean Shores, WA

Job Objectives:
Plan, organize direct and control all activities of the Fire Department in accordance with the statutes of the State of Washington and the City of Ocean Shores Municipal Code. Responsible for all fire prevention / education, fire suppression and emergency medical services throughout the City and to fire district areas under contract, as well as fulfilling mutual aid agreements with other jurisdictions. Provide fire and emergency service medical advice to other City departments. Maintain professional discipline in the Department. Assure all employees are properly trained. Assure the effective and efficient utilization of Department personnel, volunteers, funds, equipment, facilities, and time.
Accountable to the City Manager to protect life and property and to develop, equip, and manage a fire service organization of the highest professional standards and to assure Department operations are maintained within budget limitations.
Essential Job Functions:
The essential job functions of the Fire Chief are specifically outlined in the RCW and OSMC. While the Fire Chief may not personally perform each function, the Fire Chief shall delegate these duties and remain responsible and accountable to assure performance in accordance with the statutes. Additionally, the Fire Chief is responsible to perform such typical management functions as listed below:
? Develop, implement and control approved departmental budget, and long and short-range goals and objectives.
? Supervise, through delegation to Fire Shift Supervisor and/or staff, all departmental employees. Make final decision on all personnel actions such as hiring, training, terminations, discipline and number and organization of employees.
? Administer agreements with contracting Fire Districts. Participate in negotiation process.
? Develop and implement contemporary operating policies and procedures in accordance with applicable law, court decisions and modern fire science principles and techniques.
? As authorized, administer and make final decision on all service contracts and capital equipment purchases, both major and minor, including all types of apparatus and equipment to be acquired within budgetary limitations.
? Receive, evaluate, and resolve complaints pertaining to departmental staff and/or operations.
? As appropriate, appear before the City Council and public groups to explain departmental goals and objectives, operations, and activities. Represent the City and act on the City’s behalf as requested.
? Attend management and fire service meetings and seminars, as required.
? Maintain positive working relationships with elected officials, both State and local, department heads, the public and other fire service agencies to assure that the functions of the Fire Department are performed in a manner consistent with sound public relations techniques.
? Coordinate administration and enforcement of codes with other City departments.
? Perform additional duties as described in the attached “Regular Management Responsibilities.”
Associated Job Functions:
? Perform other activities as designated by the City Administrator or designee.
Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Requires knowledge of the field of assignment and physical ability sufficient to perform thoroughly and accurately the full scope of responsibility as illustrated by example in the above job description.
? Requires thorough knowledge of Ocean Shores Municipal Code; Ocean Shores Standards for Fire Protection; applicable sections of the Revised Code of Washington and Washington Administrative Codes; Uniform Fire and Building Codes; and, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standards.
? Requires thorough knowledge of principles, practices and procedures of contemporary firefighting, fire ground and emergency scene management, fire prevention, fire administration, emergency medical services and training.

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$115,900.00 - $135,715.00

Type of Job
Full Time

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